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It's just something to know about
Nobushi specialises in playing defensively while landing jabs that mix into debilitating bleed effects. They are vulnerable if you rush them, but this leaves you open to a distance-creating grab-and-kick For Honor Steel Credits. The ideal strategy varies based on your own personality, but it is important to be patient, get your blocks and parries in, and wait until they're low on endurance.

As a harassment personality, Orochi are similar - however they prefer to participate at close range. Denying them guard breaks is important, and don't get caught out with their retreat-and-rush attack. Their popularity can also be in part to the usefulness of their special abilities in removal, in which a single longbow shot can end a duel easily. There is no denying that, per se: it's just something to know about. If the enemy has an Orochi and they are performing well, be aware of the danger of an arrow from the flank and try to utilize what little cover many maps offer to your benefit.

See that big man? Shugoki has a fee and grab move named Demon's Embrace where he charges you, picks you up, and breaks your back. Usually, this hurts you and heals Shugoki, although he chooses bonus damage if the charge misses. On any character in the For Honor game. You've got to treat a low-health Shugoki like you would treat any other personality set to throw you off a ledge: anything happens, you cannot let him property that catch.

If you just want to practice or get your eye in before entering the queue, then Buy FH Steel Credits load up a custom match. It is possible to set bots to play particular classes, choose maps, and set duels to go to 99 rounds - effectively an infinite practice mode with no loading screens. When you start taking For Honor seriously, warming up this is better than having your rusty first match against real opponents.

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