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Acid refractory clay brick clay brick
Plastic heat-resistant maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier DENKAIPMS-NB Maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier Mr. He Maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier DENKA IP is a styrene , N-phenylmaleimide, maleic anhydridewhite bathroom composite wall board Norway copolymer (SMI), has high heat resistance and excellent thermal stability. Uses: Used as heat-resistant ABS heat-resistant modifier. Traditional ��-methyl is a very popular heat-resistant ABS raw material, but recently SMI-based maleimide ABS has become more popular than a-methyl-based heat-resistant ABS 2) - Phenyl maleimide monomer process more affordable, as heat-resistant ABS modifier material, very cost-effective.
used as ABS / engineering plastic alloy resin compatibilizer. DENKA IP contains a small amount of maleic anhydride (MAH), which reacts with the teak wood slats amino groups in PA6 or hydroxyl groups in polycarbonate and polyester to improve the properties of ABS / engineering plastic alloy resins. It is widely used as an ABS heat-resistant modifier when mixed with SAN resin over a wide range.
As a compatibilizing agent for ABS / PA, Polyester (PC), it contains an active maleic anhydride group. Examples of use Improve the heat resistance of ABS Improve the strength of PA6 / ABS alloy 1, Heat ABS, improve the heat resistance of ABS 2, For ABS / engineering plastic polymer alloy, improve the strength of PA6 / ABS alloy DENKA IP Grade Rating MS-NAMS-NBMS-NHMS-L2A Performance General Purpose General Flow Good General High Flow Easy Complex Highly Reactive ABS Thermal Resistance Modifier interior wood grain wall paneling Polymer Alloys Modified.

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